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The fact is (I’m not sure)

17 Sep

It has been brought to my attention that from time to time people actually stop by and read this blog. So I thought I’d do the three of you a courtesy by actually posting something. It will not be particularly interesting I’m afraid. Only new. I hope that for now ‘new’ is good enough.

I had the genius idea of starting this blog as a way to jumpstart my creativity which in recent weeks has been severely waning. I thought if I could start each writing day by composing a blog post it would get the juices flowing and be a warm-up for what I imagined would be vigorous daily literary exercise. Instead I have merely found another form of writing that causes me to experience total brain freeze when I sit in front of my computer.

It’s disheartening and discouraging, this seemed lack of things to say. After all, that’s the whole PURPOSE of what I do. When I feel this way I read instead of write and consider myself a scholar of the craft. But inevitably, one of two things will happen. Either I’ll be stupid enough to read something by, oh I don’t know–say Zora Neale Hurston–and then I think there is no way in hell this is what I should be doing. Or I’ll read something… else…and think that there is no way that (insert author of said “else”) should be published (a New York Times Bestseller, no less) and I shouldn’t. Moral of the story: It’s damn hard being a schizophrenic writer.

Will say more things as I think of them.


10 Things I Must Do With a Fair Amount of Immediacy

11 Sep

Thing 1 – Lose 10 pounds
Thing 2 – Write things
Thing 3 – Get things published
Thng 4 – Get paid to write/publish things
Thing 5 – Get paid
Thing 6- Check the mailbox
Thing 7 – Watch the US Open SemiFinals
Thing 8 – Check lit mag deadlines
Thing 9 – Comb my hair

10 Things I Am (Right Now)

5 Sep

Thing 1 – A lecture-giving mommy

Thing 2 – An angry dieter

Thing 3 – Loving (and beloved) friend

Thing 4 – Obsessive Tweeter

Thing 5 – Monopoly opponent

Thing 6 – LIFE defending champion

Thing 7 – Supporter of Health Care Reform

Thing 8 – Non-supporter of Tyler Perry directing For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf

Thing 9 – Non-supporter of Chris Brown

Thing 10 – Thirsty

myku #1

1 Sep

said sky
on sunny days i
still can’t help but be blue.

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