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10 Things I’m Excited About Right Now

17 Aug

Thing 1 – Me and Diva77 becoming blog sisters. YAY!

Thing 2 – Me and Diva77 hooking up tomorrow for long overdue craziness and debauchery. YAY!

Thing 3 – The resurrection of my work in progress and the completion of chapter 1. YAY!

Thing 4 – There is no Thing 4.

Thing 5 – Kroger has Gatorade for $0.49 each. YAY!

Thing 6 – I actually have $0.49. YAY!

Thing 7 – After tomorrow, I don’t have to go to work anymore until next week. YAY!

Thing 8 – Going bowling with the kid this weekend. YAY!

Thing 9 – Going to Savannah and hitting the open road with Lysh on Thursday (see Thing 2). YAY!

Thing 10 – Feeling sometimes that life is good. Because it is. 🙂 YAAAAAAAY!!!!!


10 Things That My Exes Taught Me

30 Aug

Thing 1 –  That my ability to love unconditionally is questionable.

Thing 2  –  To never sit with your back to a door.

Thing 3 –  What a “pick and roll” is.

Thing 4 –  To never say never.

Thing 5 –  That love is not enough.

Thing 6 –  That you can love someone that you do not trust and vice versa.

Thing 7 –  To keep receipts.

Thing 8 –  That life goes on.

Thing 9 –  That I am powerful and that I should use my powers for good rather than evil.

Thing 10 – That you can’t make someone love you (or make yourself love someone else). Nor should you try.

10 Things I Like 8.29.09

29 Aug

Thing 1 – Tiger Woods

Thing 2 – Honey Buns

Thing 3 – Michael Moore documentaries.

Thing 4 – Michael Moore

Thing 5 – Sweet Tea with Lemon

Thing 6 – Twitter

Thing 7 – SoundCloud for WordPress

Thing 8 – Lies by the Black Keys

Thing 9 – Flight of the Conchords

Thing 10 – Saturdays

10 Things I Hate (So Far) (Today)

28 Aug

Thing 1 – People who answer a question with a question.

Thing 2 – People who answer a question with a long monologue that, when you get right down to it, has not included an answer to the question.

Thing 3 – Michelle Malkin

Thing 4 – Child-proof packaging that children can open but adults cannot.

Thing 5 – Putting blood, sweat, and tears into a writing project only to find out halfway through that I don’t like it anymore.

Thing 6 – Putting blood, sweat, and tears into a relationship only to find out halfway through, that I don’t like him anymore.

Thing 7 – Baby Daddies

Thing 8 – BET Original Programming

Thing 9 – AT&T Fast Access DSL

Thing 10 – The fact that Glinda put those shoes on Dorothy’s feet without her consent and then didn’t tell her that all she had to do was click them together 3 times to go home. Good witch my ass.

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